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Build Your Own TV Channel



QuickCast’s platform enables content creators to develop, publish and manage custom branded television channel applications for popular connected TV and OTT platforms.

We developed the first engagement optimization engine based on a sophisticated ML algorithm, to provide real time content insights and recommendations.

We work directly with content creators and brands of all sizes to create a single platform for managing, distributing and monetizing any content to the big screens, ensuring the most appealing and engaging content possible.

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How It Works

how it works

Your Content, Your Control


QuickCast’s white-labeled solution provides content creators the freedom to control their brand, content and monetization in their TV channels.

Now you can build customized channels with your own brand’s look and feel, manage your own playlists or stream live events, and publish new TV apps to any platform in just a few clicks.




Increase your viewers’ engagement
with our Video Content Intelligence System

QuickCast provides all the tools professional video content creators need to get their video streaming to market quickly.

  • Build your own TV channel to run on all streaming devices, set-top   boxes, and Smart TVs.

  • Manage all your channels from a single powerful dashboard.

  • Monetize with SVOD, AVOD, or TVOD with a click of a button.

  • Manage your audience behavior and get real-time     recommendations to maximize your audience engagement.

  • Track and measure subscriptions and transactions.


Take advantage of the QuickCast marketplace

  • Utilize cross-promotional digital TV advertising, using advanced audience targeting capabilities.

  • Industry-leading performance on viewability, completion and VTR.

  • Intuitive advertiser account with ad-campaign control with full transparency through cross-screen planning, execution, forecasting and measurement

  • Gain access to our content-synchronized formats that enable advertisers, agencies and marketers to deliver integrated video ads that optimize performance, engagement and reach, while maintaining the best user viewing experience.

Have A Library of Content?

Build your own OTT channel in a few simple steps


Turn your existing content into beautiful 100% native TV apps

Streamline your videos by easily importing them from all of your social feeds using our automated import tool.

Create your own playlists and categories

Manage your content with full control of meta-data playlists and categories.


Learn about your audience 

Gain valuable knowledge and statistics that will help you optimize your content distribution.

Generate New Revenue Streams

Control and set the pricing for all content based on your business needs.


Distribute Everywhere

Direct to consumer on every platform

IWhen it comes to streaming, you’re either everywhere, or you’re nowhere.Our auto app-builder will help you build and set up beautiful channels and apps on all OTT platforms with zero hassles. Select one of our amazing channel templates, choose which platform you’d like to publish your channel on and you’ll be up and running in no time.


Built-In Monetization

Set your own business model with AVOD, SVOD, or TVOD.
QuickCast’s digital TV advertising technology gives you full control of all you need.
We’ve partnered with all major advertising agencies to help you maximize your profits by insuring the highest price points for smart advertising on the big screen.
Using our ad insertion optimization engine, we insure the best audience relevancy, presence and engagement.

Some of our Channels

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